Transforming Tech: Jaipur based startup scaling IT solutions

Transforming Tech: Jaipur based startup scaling IT solutions 

If you’re on the web you’re visible, else you lose existence in this infinite market today. This harsh truth enables software and web developers to bring about a revolution nowadays. Habilelabs, a premium software product developer and IT solutions provider is changing the road not taken. In conversation with Business Rankers, Ankit Dhir, CEO & Founder Habilelabs talks software industry, current analytics, and future prospects.

Habilelabs is an emerging name in the giant-sized IT industry. “We are a software product development and IT-outsourcing services provider company that renders strategic web, mobile, and software application solutions to elite enterprises across the world,” said Ankit. He further added that their streamlined processes ensure best practices across the project development cycle and deliver insightful resolutions and innovation.

“We provide solutions with the effective use of latest and trendy technologies in JavaScript frameworks (Node JS, Vue JS, Meteor JS, Angular, React JS), Databases (MongoDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Mongoose, MySQL, Firebase, Hibernate/JPA, MS-SQL), Mobile Frameworks (Ionic, React Native, Google Flutter, Android, iOS and more),” he mentioned.


The company came into existence in the financial year 2016. Stemmed on two minds i.e. Ankit Dhir (CEO) & Shankar Morwal (CTO), the company emerged in the atmosphere of a huge gap between the requirements of development around JavaScript framework and available resources in the market. “The inspiration behind starting this company was to reduce this gap and provide solutions efficiently and smartly with the utilization of available resources and reasonable budget,” he added.

With over 70+ employees, the startup holds the values of transparency, honesty, respect, and faith.   


Working on the latest technology is always difficult but lacking experienced human resources is a much bigger challenge. “We are the people of action. We focus upon the solution not the problem and turns every obstacle into an opportunity. We offer quality training to all of our developers which help us to provide quality solutions to our clients, exactly as promised,” he said on current challenges.

In this short span of three years, the company has succeeded in creating a remarkable presence in the IT sector. He later added that they have booked 60% and 80% revenue growth in the last two years, 2017 & 2018 respectively.


Growth is the only constant a company desire. The startup has expanded its services to various companies in Germany, France, Poland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain. “We have served 100+ enterprise clients across the globe so far. We have successfully completed 100+ projects in 20+ countries, some of our clients are from the Fortune 500 List in Europe.” He also mentioned that one of their in-house products has got a position in the top 2000 according to Alexa Traffic Rank. Habilelabs was placed in the list of top 10 start-ups in Jaipur by Siliconindia as well.

Examsbook, an online education portal, is a venture project of Habilelabs. “The venture has grown from a small readership to huge traffic on the site. We keep our employees happy & satisfied and this is what we consider as one true achievement,” he added.

Future Prospects

In the years to come, the team envisions extending its IT outsourcing services to the USA and launching its sales office in Europe is our next milestone. “We have identified a couple of partners in the USA and Europe, we are proceeding with the partnership model for sales in both countries,” he explained. The road ahead of a startup is full of opportunities as well as challenges. On improving business development he mentioned, “We are determined to enhance our business-growth in terms of technology, team-size, and revenue. We are looking forward to adding the extended technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, etc. in our specialized fields. We are soon going to be named as ‘Best Start-up in Jaipur’,” he concludes.

Ankit Dhir (CEO) & Shankar Morwal (CTO) ,