Innovation And Nature Can Be In A Balance Example: Tropo

@Manisha Ghosh

The makers of Tropo, an innovative tech-enabled automobile service provider, have taken a commendable initiative to strike a balance between technological advancements and nature. Mr. Hemant Sekhani Jain, the director of Tropo, shared his insightful views during an interview with Business Rankers. Mr. Hemant Sekhani Jain and his childhood friend Mr. Hari Bagri the co-founder’s passion for cars and bikes since childhood led him to bridge the gap in the car servicing and maintenance domain, which he observed during his tenure in a few well-recognized organizations.

Mr. Hemant observed that, despite the digital era’s advancements, the automobile industry is still working in old ways, lacking market penetration and in need of a revolution. People still use traditional techniques like water and dirty clothes to clean their cars daily, leading to swirl marks, paint dullness, rusting, and scratches. These made the makers come up with a vision to take an initiative that will resolve these issues and make a better setup in this industry. As a solution, Tropo emerged and came up with an eco-friendly, tech-enabled solution to simplify vehicle life. Customers can book reliable and high-quality on-demand and subscription-based services for their cars, from daily car cleaning to servicing and maintenance services, conveniently at their doorstep and at affordable prices. Tropo’s mission is to become the Super-Daily for car cleaning services, OYO for Local Garages, and Dineout for Authorized Service Centers, as well as a reliable marketplace for car accessories and parts.

Mr. Hemant told, “Tropo saves around 80 liters of water per wash by using eco-waterless solutions to clean and maintain a car. Tropo’s deep R&D and consultation with experts in automobile paint engineering and chemical engineering resulted in a plant-based, herbal, and eco-friendly waterless solution to clean a car, protecting it from UV rays, dullness, rusting, swirl marks, and scratches. The process involves spraying the solution on the car’s surface, dividing the dust and particles into fractions, and wiping them out with a scratch-less microfiber cloth, providing a hydrophobic effect and a layer of protection to the paint without using a single drop of water.”

Tropo embarked on its journey in 2020, and within just three years, the company has achieved remarkable success, becoming a profitable enterprise. With a strong presence in Rajasthan and Gujarat, spanning over ten cities, Tropo envisions extending its operations to cover the entirety of India.

Despite initial technical issues, hiring problems, operational challenges, and developing the Indian market for this revolutionary product, Tropo overcame them all. According to Mr. Hari, “startups mean challenges and difficulties and how they overcome them. Tropo made expensive services cost-effective and easily available to people.” They understand people’s love for their cars and strive to maintain their vehicles’ showroom shine, as new as they were on their first day. “Tropo’s booking process is the easiest: customers only need to send a message to their official WhatsApp number, and a chatbot takes over and drives the conversation. Within five steps, the booking is placed,” added Mr. Hari.

Tropo has a complete tech to handle and track the service process, a dedicated operation team to manage it, and a relationship manager for each customer to look after their car. Additionally, team leaders track all the cleaners and ensure that the service quality is always up to the mark. Mr. Hemant concluded, “Tropo’s eco-friendly and tech-enabled solutions have simplified vehicle life, striking a balance between innovation and nature.”