What Is BREWW?

Business Rankers Magazine is the brain behind Business Rankers Erudite Women Wing. BREWW is not confined to setting the content priorities for the Magazine. Its ambit is much wider and deeper. The platform delves deep into the vexing issues related to role of women in various sectors of industry and the challenges they face in there. BREWW aspires to empower, support & grow women entrepreneurs & women leaders across sectors & hierarchy.

Who Are The People Behind BREWW?

BREWW is a platform driven by volunteers from different domains and taps into the insights of the experts, intellectuals, policy makers and consumers in almost every sector of the industry with special focus on women. BREWW is a solution of the women, by the women & for the women & brings together distinguished individuals as its members, advisors, and mentors.

What Are The Objectives Of BREWW?

BREWW plays multiple roles for several sectors of the economy. In the fast-paced VUCA world, one need to catch up with this changes & that’s only possible when you work as a team & deal with the changes as a group.  BREWW brings together experts from the private & public sectors who will act as a guiding star  in various areas like  efficient solutions in supply chain management, use of right technology, use of social and traditional media, other brand activation programmes, so on and so forth.

What Are The Activities BREWW Does?

BREWW organizes workshops, seminars and conducts roundtable debates and uses several other forums depending on the needs of the time. BREWW doesn’t kill the thinking side of the entrepreneurs mind. It just tries to help open up the gates to imagination. It’s not a training platform but helps one figure out her vision & achieves the same through interaction with fellow members & applying the best practices.

BREWW Takes Up Policy Issues & Voices Concerns

BREWW on its own takes up issues of the day and reaches out to the related audience in the industry. It also involves the policymakers in the government, both retired and current bureaucrats, ministers.  After debating and analyzing, it prepares a recommendation and engages with the respective government departments and tries to see that the issues are resolved at the earliest.

Bringing The Fund Seekers And Funding Agencies Together

BREWW is very optimistic about the emergence of startups which are providing easier and hassle-free solutions to several traditional consumer-facing businesses. There are lot of good ideas by women entrepreneurs that remain beyond the radar of the PEs, VCs and angel investors. Because of Business Rankers’ network, BREWW has access to such bright ideas that funding agencies scout for investments. BREWW creates a common platform bringing together both the startup and the funding agencies so that the right business ideas get a chance to scale up and grow as big businesses.

Have An Idea? Send It To BREWW

Being an open platform, BREWW invites from its members and non-members ideas, suggestions for any kind of platforms that could be taken up or pursued by the BREWW forum which will explore all the angles to find right actions and solutions.

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