Add Joy To Your Workplace

@ Professor (Dr.) Trilok Kumar Jain

Workplace is the best place for you for shaping your destiny. This is the most important place for creating your impact. If you are full of joy – you will enjoy doing everything and you will be able to observe remarkable improvement in your performance. 
In our studies, we have found that those organizations, which train their employees to experience workplace happiness, have much higher work-place quality in comparison to other organizations. Achieving workplace joy is easy – 1. speak to  yourself that you really love your job and you wish to do it with full passion and involvement 2. tell yourself that you are in your dream job and this is the best job that you can get  3. tell yourself that this job is the most important work for you in this world – doing this work is like worship. 
Through continuous self-instructions, you can start loving your job and then you can start experiencing a change in what you get in return. Put in your best efforts and get the rewards.