Friendly Coexistence Of Humans And Animals: Pet Mansion

@Manisha Ghosh

Similar to many other industries, the pet care sector is placing a growing emphasis on technology, innovation, and hygiene. In recent decades, this industry has experienced a rapid transformation as new products, services, and technologies have emerged to meet the evolving needs of pet owners.

Pet care is a demanding industry that requires exceptional care for pets and their owners. In a recent interview with Business Rankers, Mrs. Rakhi Chatterjee, the owner of Pet Mansion, a pet clinic, shared her experience of providing exceptional care to furry friends and their owners.

Mrs. Rakhi shared her inspiration for starting Pet Mansion, “Being a pet parent myself and facing problems with inadequate pet facilities (both grooming and medical) inspired me to start Pet Mansion. We have pet grooming, medical services, food, and accessories. The most popular among these is our grooming facilities.”

At Pet Mansion, the staff takes cleaning and maintenance seriously, and each patient undergoes a proper examination to determine and treat their individual issues. Additionally, they educate pet parents on how to maintain their pets’ health.

In the case of emergencies, Pet Mansion refers pet parents to larger, well-equipped veterinary hospitals. However, their services remain affordable to their clientele, and they try to keep their service charges reasonable added Mrs Rakhi.

Pet Mansion also offers pet parent-friendly deals on grooming and accessories, pet-friendly activities, and vaccination camps. They educate people on the ABC program (animal birth control) and the peaceful coexistence of animals and humans. They are also planning to offer pet insurance.

Mrs. Rakhi acknowledges that being a woman entrepreneur in the pet care industry has been challenging. She explained, “It is very difficult to run a business being a woman, I would say. In the beginning, people would not take me seriously and thought I was just a phase. But with time I understood the business better, overcame my fears, and I am still learning new things every day.”

The veterinary industry is advancing, and clinics need to adapt to stay relevant. Some of the trends that Pet Mansion plans to incorporate include an increased focus on preventive care, technological advancements, and offering preventive care packages. They will also focus more on customer service and expand their services.

Mrs. Rakhi believes that there is still a lot to achieve in the industry, but significant progress has been made in the last eight years. Pet Mansion plans to continue providing high-quality care to pets and their owners by incorporating advanced facilities and staying ahead of the curve.

In conclusion, the pet care industry requires exceptional care for pets and their owners, and women entrepreneurs like Mrs. Rakhi are demonstrating resilience, creativity, and innovation in overcoming challenges. By adapting to the changing trends in the industry, veterinary clinics and pet care providers can continue to provide high-quality care to pets and their owners.