Svarasya, A Company That Believes In Beauty Inside-Out

@BR Bureau

Svarasya is India’s first beauty and selfcare education brand offering beauty education and ancient skincare product line. Svarasya is working towards creating awareness about beauty as an inside-out job to be nourished within and maintained outside.  Beauty at Svarasya is Inside-Out. Svarasya echoes the idea of beauty and wellness as understood in ancient traditions of Ayurveda, Yoga science, Macrobiotics, and Traditional Chinese medicine. For Svarasya beauty is holistic.

Svarasya offerings include natural skincare products revived from ancient formulations as described in Ayurveda and Oriental traditions. Their products do not contain any harmful chemicals including parabens, SLS, or sulfates.

To spread awareness about beauty inside-out Svarasya not only offers a natural chemical-free skincare product line but also educates by conducting workshops,  through their podcast,  videos, online beauty and wellness sessions on holistic concepts of beauty that include foods, lifestyle, bodywork, Yogic and Ayurveda lifestyle, ancient practices, emotions, meditation and much more. Their motive through this platform is to create awareness about holistic beauty. Svarasya particularly believes that the one-product miracle is a myth and modern surface-level skin treatments are quick fixes that do not deal with underlying causes of skin concerns and aging. To be beautiful inside-out one must keep their body internally clean and free-flowing and maintain a happy state of being.

Svarasya’s range of products is completely unique, unlike other popular skincare brands. They not only concentrate on offering products that make your skin become naturally better but also try to focus on the food habits, lifestyle, emotions, and thoughts to support body functioning that creates beauty inside-out

Svarasya is a brand that believes in deep-rooted beauty emerging from a state of clean body internally. Svarasya calls it ‘Pranic Beauty’ and has taken it to a whole new level. Pranic means prana in Sanskrit which means vital life force. This means uplifting one’s energy to heal and to be beautiful to one’s peak potential. Svarasya teaches people all the ways to heal their body and mind inside-out  with a five-dimensional beauty philosophy. One can know about these through their website, beauty inside-out workshops. Their products are available on Amazon and Flipkart.

Make in India’ is one of the prestigious awards that Svarasya has received along with coverage done in prestigious lifestyle magazines like India Today Brides, Healthcare India, Life positive,  and Suburb. During its early stages, Svarasya has stood as one of the sponsors for Asian Designer week and they have also been awarded ‘Great Companies SME Business of the Year Award Winner 2020’

The lady behind the success of Svarasya is Deepti Sehgal. She is an internationally certified macrobiotic nutritionist and alkaline diet and lifestyle consultant. Being a successful woman, she is among very few macrobiotic practitioners in India. She is also a master’s in Yoga, a certified yoga teacher, and an Ayurveda wellness consultant. Practicing ancient dietary concepts and yoga for years and being a wellness consultant she could understand the value of Pranic beauty and established this brand to help people understand beauty as a deep-rooted phenomenon presented by Svarasya in the form of ‘Five Dimensional Beauty’ approach to be able to become a Pranic beauty.