Nanighar – Ghar Se Dil Tak : A Story Of Home Grown Entrepreneurs


@ BR Bureau

Nanighar is a food tech startup, 4th year running, aiming to make India healthier by providing healthy & tasty food made by none other than “the Moms and home chefs” of India and by empowering women from their own kitchen. From being a Queen in their own homes to getting into people’s hearts through their culinary skills. Nanighar is doing just that, converting home Super chefs to become independent Entrepreneurs. It is an initiative, keeping in mind women empowerment, while supporting homemakers in realizing their long-cherished dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. #Indiabadalrahihain #womenhasthepower

Nanighar is not only a tool of empowerment but also a nostalgic journey too as they have also tried to bring back old local culinary dishes which are becoming rare in daily family life, due to time constraints. Like Pithe, puli, chital macher muthyaa, echarer dalna, mochar ghanto etc. Not only Bengali dishes, Nanighar will bring many cuisines like Rajasthani, Parsi, Punjabi, Sindhi, Coastal, etc., to your home. It’s presenting a mini-India at your table.

Nanighar is not a mere food delivery company, rather a platform and an opportunity to those who have the best of talents to use their culinary skills, to work from their home kitchen and can become an entrepreneur.

Today Nanighar has more than 20k plus downloads, 30k plus customers and more than 600 mom chefs across Kolkata and Gurgaon. The nos. are going to cross 1000 soon. The app is available in web version and also for android and ios.

Mom chefs made everyone proud and  the team who worked tirelessly when they had faced loads of challenges not only getting the ingredients but also for the riders to deliver the food when many parts of Kolkata were under the containment zone.

It made us confident that though the moms never worked for any corporates, they are not less than any CEO when the professionalism and hygiene part is concerned. Covid gave them the opportunity to work with Organizations like Pronam Kolkata and delivered 1000 of senior citizens of Kolkata and many covid patients.

Nanighar proudly say that more than 80% of their customers are the repeat customers and they love #maakahatkakhana. In Kolkata, more than 300 mom chefs are very active in the app, few are irregular, and 100 moms are waiting for the fssai. There are mom chefs in Kolkata who are earning more than 50k to 1 lac per month. All the payments are made in cheque.