How This Woman Entrepreneur Is Helping Women Start Their Business In Just 15 Days!

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Founded in 2020, social enterprise SelfAchievers is a consulting firm that caters to a niche special interest group of women-led businesses. Founder Nidhi Banthia Mehta’s vision is to turn 10k  homemakers into business women through her Entrepreneurship training programme “Ideation to Manifestation” and help existing women entrepreneurs succeed and grow by providing business coaching services for their Marketing, Growth & Branding strategy and creating their Business Plan Canvas.

In 2005, Nidhi sold her first company in Silicon Valley. After a 20-year entrepreneurial journey of starting companies in silicon valley, Singapore & India, selling them and creating a niche both in the service and product sector, Nidhi Mehta decided it was time to bring her global experience, venture startup knowledge, skill sets in Marketing, Branding and Growth strategy to help benefit other women and student-led startups who are trying to establish their foundation. She started her own consulting practice and made it accessible and affordable enough to be used for the benefit of women, who aspire to start their own businesses. It was 2021, and the thriving startup culture in India and Asia showed her how many people were choosing entrepreneurship over a corporate job and conventional career choices. Nidhi launched her social enterprise  “SelfAchievers” with a vision to promote entrepreneurship as a whole and that with a special focus on women entrepreneurship and refugee entrepreneurship.

Having started her career with McKinsey & Co., consulting is what she enjoys immensely and has a natural flair for. Through SelfAchievers she finds herself connected strongly to the startup ecosystem as a facilitator and yet not be in the centre of it.

Delivering impact

Nidhi’s vision is to help 10K women by 2031, become entrepreneurs through her training development Bootcamp called “IdeationToManifestation” which can help any person generate their business idea and learn the tools and techniques of running their business, build their business plan blueprint and launch it within two weeks. Essentially one can become a businesswoman within 15days of training. This has been the most powerful, effective and popular training programme which got her recognition in no time.

She also runs business coaching one-on-one sessions for women entrepreneurs to help them stay focused on their business goals, creatively help them solve their business challenges and steer them towards growth and expansion.

Her programme Enlightened Entrepreneurship is a special programme to help entrepreneurs build sustainable and financially viable businesses. Purposeful Entrepreneurship is yet another creative programme in the offering that allows anyone to convert their passion, hobby or interest into a business venture. As Mehta says “There is no better way to work than to love what you do and bring your passion into it. Having converted my own passion for dance fitness and wellness into a global venture, I have the experience, expertise and the motivation to help others create a thriving business from their passion and skill sets” Empowering Refugee Women through Entrepreneurship A cause close to her heart is the upliftment and settlement of Refugee women. She has launched a special programme called Refugee Entrepreneurship to train refugee women to start their own small businesses and become entrepreneurs. By doing this, they become contributors to the GDP of the host country and have a chance to rebuild their lives with dignity, hope and economic independence. Nidhi wants to bridge the gender inequality and promote economic independence for women on a large-scale through mass entrepreneurship training programmes in collaboration with the government and United Nations.

With no outside capital and few rules, SelfAchievers is making waves as a new type of consulting firm, where board seats and valuations don’t matter, there are no ulterior motives (like angling to lead a later investment round), and impact is the mantra that drives every action. Nidhi maintains a less formal, approachable and more peer-to-peer relationship with the founders. She prides herself on real talk feedback and conversations, whether a founder’s “doing something disastrous” or needs emotional support. “I’ve had conversations with women about how to manage their personal and work-life balance, kids, families, all of that.”

Nidhi works with several Atal Incubation Centers of the Government of India, private incubators,  SMEs, growth startups, consulting firms and Universities. Her dream is to raise funds and start a “SelfAchievers Seed Fund” to provide initial seed money to every homemaker she turns into an entrepreneur.