Cairn Makes Dreams Of Girls A Reality In Corporate World

Cairn  Makes Dreams Of Girls A Reality In Corporate World

After making a reputation in industrial advancement, Barmer is now stepping into new fields of recognition. The town is emerging as a new address for the banking sector for talent hunt.

Recently, two Barmeri girls achieved success in the world of finance.

As part of its initiative to enhance employability of youths in service sector, Cairn India started a training programme to train them in getting jobs in banking sector.

Cairn India joined Timespro for “Modern Banking Programme” which specifically provides a platform to youths for joining one of the largest private banks in India, HDFC Bank.

Cairn India, IL&FS and Timespro jointly started the program called “Modern Banking Program” and two girls from the first batch of this training initiative have now been selected by HDFC Bank for jobs.  Similarly, seven more students form the second batch have also been recruited by HDFC Bank. They will be inducted into the operations of the bank after completing a proper induction programmes.

24-year-old Geeta is a BTech graduate from Barmer and comes from a conservative family and society where the girl child is given education but not the freedom to make a career. The tradition of child marriage in the locality, which is a social taboo, didn’t leave Geeta untouched.

Even though she got engaged with her would-be life partner, the dream of creating an identity of her own throbbed in her heart. She got to know about the “Modern Banking Program” through a relative. In order to know more she walked in to the CEC Barmer looking for a platform to bring about a change in her life.

During the interaction, she knew the opportunities that were waiting for her. She conveyed to her family about the opportunities in the banking sector and how she wants to make a career in the corporate world.

After completing the two months course, Geeta has now been offered an executive role in Jodhpur branch of HDFC Bank with a salary of Rs 15,000 per month. Today, her life has completely changed. She is respected in family, society and even her friends look at her as source of inspiration. She is grateful to Cairn India for getting the platform long-awaited by her for making a difference to her life and society.

Geeta is not alone. Chanchal is another girl who made her first breakthrough in the corporate world and now a role model for many girls of her age in Barmer who dream of creating an identity of their own and proving that they are no less than the boys in the district.

Chanchal said, “The feeling of achieving something that you always dreamt of is speechless. It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.”

Mrs. Ritu Jhingon, general manager, CSR, Cairn India, said that the youth of Barmer will establish a new identity in this field and Cairn India will try to be a change agent for that.