Bloom: A Step To Help The Seekers Decipher The Codes Of Opportunities

@ BR Bureau

In this world, success is in shortage and failures in abundance, only the well negotiators who know the way to get what they want are the ones who achieve success, and the ones who don’t come well prepared to ask the world for their share of success will never be able to achieve it. Now the question is how to prepare ourselves to achieve success, should we go to coaching centers, grooming classes, work on it ourselves, or what. Bloom is an initiative to prepare people for the same.

The COVID-19 pandemic is going to be the bringer of change in the world, and one should not confuse this change as the change which will turn success into abundance and failures in scarcity, well no, the new era is about to bring new challenges by making this world an Artificial Intelligence-powered new world. In the new era, there will be challenges at the forefront but there will be hidden opportunities too for which BLOOM will help the young minds find them.

BLOOM is headquartered in one of the fastest moving cities of India which is none other than Mumbai. The founder of this innovative organization, Payal Irani is a Mumbaikar who in order to achieve higher levels of excellence had gone to Switzerland and London for her higher studies after her college. An innovative organization requires some of the best people to make it one of its kind, and BLOOM has the excellent achiever of their specific fields as its core team.

BLOOM was incubated in September 2020 during the height of the pandemic. The mission is for it to be a center for excellence in education, training, development, and Research. There is a dearth of quality trainers who have practical experience in their field. For example, they saw some young people who claim to be expert futuristic coaches but lack the necessary credentials. Taking this ahead, Bloom has domain experts who have practical experiences at the field level to curate and deliver high-quality training that will be rich in content and addressing pain points from personal experiences. Bloom strongly believes in collaboration, co-creation, and transformation.

Bloom has commenced with a series of Talk Shows. Presently there are free sessions.  In the future, they plan to bring domain experts who will provide value for money sessions on a wide range of topics. These sessions are expected to provide tangible takeaway and positive results for participants. They also provide other services like speaking engagements, content creation, corporate training, overall wellness, and educational workshops.

Their goals are to reach a million people in the next five years. Plans are also on the anvil to establish a Bloom University. The endeavor will be to give Indian home-grown speakers a foothold on the world stage. With help and guidance, they will be given the tools to make their mark on national and international platforms. Apart from that, a platform will be provided for global speakers to co-create and share their expertise in India.

Bloom is poised for scaling great heights in the days to come. They have an excellent team with Dr. Neeta Mishra Mhatre, Premraj Kalapadan, and Deepak Khemani as co-founders. Abhijit Sanzgiri is a very able Leadership Advisor along with the Board of Advisors including Bhavna Shah  and Meera Sanzgiri.