India Health Care Week -2023

About The Event 

We are delighted to announce that Business Rankers, is organizing a one-day event called “India Healthcare Week-2023” along with an award ceremony on Feb 17, 2024.
Last year, we organized Healthcare Conclave’, attended by healthcare experts, doctors, hospital owners, and service providers in large numbers. As part of the event doctors and health workers were also facilitated to recognize their hard work. The event was supported by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and Jaipur Medical Association (JMA).
This year also we are going to organize a more significant and better one-day event “India Healthcare Week’ where industry experts, hospital owners, doctors, service providers, and policymakers will participate and discuss various topics related to the healthcare ecosystem.



The event organized by Business Ranker will be addressed by the best minds in the sector including the policymakers and CEOs, doctors, bankers, and service providers.  A symposium has also been planned where prominent experts in the field, government officials, doctors, regulators, CXOs, senior management executives, hospital CEOs, leading technology providers, innovators, citizen groups, and societies to churn out new ideas for a healthcare ecosystem.

A large number of agencies working in the area are being roped in to make the event highly impactful in offering solutions to the multiple challenges this sector faces. This event would also recognize and appreciate organizations and individuals who have contributed immensely to building the state as a hub for health and medical services.



To ensure that every Indian who is suffering from end stage organ failure be provided with the ‘gift of life’ through a life-saving organ.

• To counsel families of “Brain Dead” victims to donate their loved ones’ organs 

• To create a computerized network for logistic support for organ donation in hospitals and the utilization of organs 

• Networking with other organ procuring organizations in the country 

• Raising resources to promote Organ Donation efficiently


• CEO’s, CMO’S & Other Decision Makers from Hospitals 

• Major Hospitals 

• Bank & Finance Institutions 

• Investors 

• Healthcare Solution Providers 

• Specialty Clinics, Diagnostic Centers & Blood Banks 

• Healthcare Start Ups & IT Companies 


• Health Insurance Companies 

• Pharmaceutical Companies 

• Medical Education Institutions 

• Health Support Service Providers 

• Wellness Specialists and Organizations 

• Medical & Surgical Equipment Companies

• Spiritual Organizations and Many More…


Networking – Doctors, regulators, CXOs, senior management executives, hospital CEOs, leading technology providers, innovators, citizen groups, and societies who are quite prominent in this sector.

Awards – Distribution of awards to the few most efficient and imminent doctors, representatives of government and private hospitals even industrialists who are involving themselves to help the healthcare sector improve and develop in many aspects.

Recognition – The hard work of the doctors and health workers who tirelessly work day-night to provide the possible solution and treatment to the patients would experience a stage of recognition.

Product Display – Various known and well-acknowledged brands would arrange displays and trials of their products and services.

Knowledge – Issues that affect the healthcare scenario and how to bring innovative practices and technology to the sector. 

Seminars and Interactive Sessions – About solutions through innovative ideas and effective policy interventions by roping in the best minds in the sector.

Success Story – From the start to success including the rise and hardships even the downfall of the journeys of such departmental, industry experts, hospital owners, doctors, and service providers.

Business Opportunity – Branding opportunities and understandings about the areas of the prime investors might help one to expand its business. It might act as the medium to meet your target prospects and enhance your business to the next level


Awards –  An Award ceremony will be organized which will be graced by prominent doctors, representatives from various hospitals, industrialists from the healthcare sector, experts, and start-ups providing innovative models to take healthcare to the masses among others.

• Special Edition of Business Rankers– Post event special edition of Business Rankers will be published which cover India Health Care week event, sessions, pre event and feature articles, interviews of prominent doctors, CEOs and others. Edition will also cover new trends in the health sector. 

Music and Cocktail Night – In this event, we explore the lighter and creative side of the doctors who rarely find time from their busy schedules to express or indulge in their artistic pursuits.   to explore and present interest and talent in music, singing, dance, or drama. (To be finalized)

• Exhibition – Well-acknowledged brands would arrange displays and trials of their products and services. Exhibitors will also get the opportunity to interact and identify synergies and find prospective buyers and possible expansion opportunities.

• Master Class – Industry expert and subject experts will tell how to grow your business with help of IT and other tools available.

• Interactive sessions – Audience will interact will speakers and experts to solve their queries about their respective interest and question. 

• Success Stories– One who successfully doing good in the  healthcare sector will share his story to tell dreams and challenges faced. The success story will inspire a lot of people to also achieve their dreams and targets.

• Ask the Experts Session – This session will give provide knowledge and answer of your questions. If you are a startup or a established business owner this session will help you to grow your business. 

Fashion Show – Interested ones have full freedom to participate in this irrespective of their age and gender. Both individual and couple rounds would take place to hold the audience’s enjoyment levels.  (To be finalized)


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