Style Is In Our Sole: GNX

Style Is In Our Sole: GNX

Gaurav says, “Footwear industry has an immense potential in the market. However, the industry is still an unorganized sector. With GNX Footwear we aim to build an ecosystem to meet the needs of people in and around the country. The extensive network of ‘footwear dealer brothers’ in Rajasthan and Gujrat encouraged us to launch our own brand. Launching a new brand in a market which has already good players in shoe industry, seemed as great challenges. I believe unless we take up challenges we can’t succeed. For executing this idea, we created a team of people, specializing in shoe market. Presently, we have eight factories in different places.”

Gaurav speaks about GNX, “GNX stands for Generation Next with fashionable designs and endless styles to choose from. With the brand slogan ‘Style is in our sole’, GNX has come up with immensely stylish footwear that are comfortable and affordable too. With their wide range of products GNX ensures that they have shoes for all.  We provide footwear for different category of customers – be it men, women or kids. GNX presents a huge range of products to suit the pockets of middle-class and elite buyers. The target group of the brand focuses on the genre of 22 to 28 years. We believe that if a youth of 22 years once gets associated to a particular brand, he develops a life-long affinity for it.”

“In today’s world everyone wants to look stylish and fashionable. But with the daily hassles and long working hours people also need comfort with style. GNX – the shoe brand understand the value and importance of shoes in enhancing one’s personality. GNX completely understands the need and requirements of our valuable customers. To cater our customers need we bring a wide range of meticulously designed footwear that is stylish, fashionable and comfortable,” said Gaurav.

Sharing his vision for GNX, Gaurav says, “At the back-end, GNX aims to provide employment opportunity to the people of the state. We often hear that our youths have to move to other cities in search of job. We welcome them to join hands with us and we can write the story of success collectively.

Online platform is a stepping stone for lots of businesses in the country and world-wide. On this, Gaurav says, “Today, we find whenever a guy is hungry, he orders food online, wants to travel and books ticket online, buys clothes online. Considering this online trend, very soon we are coming up with an online platform. We will utilize the online and offline mode of working in our business. Though, our first condition to work on online platform will be not to offer discounts for our products. We don’t want people to buy our products just for the sake of attractive discounts but for its stylish, unique designs. Even ‘our dealer brothers’ do not like this discount model of working and we totally support them. Many a time, customers visit the retail shop carrying the picture of the products which is available online at a lesser cost. I am not criticizing that but there are lots of costs incurred in the dealership which amounts to the exact MRP of that product. We will keep uniformity in the pricing of all the products, available anywhere.”

Throwing light on the challenges of the footwear industry, Gaurav says, “The biggest challenge in the footwear industry is its dependence on cut-size. The manufacturers produce a particular size of pieces which are mostly on demand because no one wants to keep of stock of products unnecessarily. For instance, the 7 and 8 size is popular among men and the size of 35 & 36 is trending in ladies. In case, there is unavailability of a size for a longer time period from company’s end then dealer is hesitant to keep products of that company. To address this issue, we have developed an app for our dealers through which we will deliver even a single pair of shoes to them. This will not only help the dealers to provide a pair to their customers but also will make the customers happy that the brand cares for them.”

Stating the future plans of GNX, Gaurav says, “Our potential customers will be retail stores, dealers and distributors in different parts of the country.  In the first phase, we will start our business in Rajasthan and Gujarat and then we will reach customers in Delhi, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. After that we will cover three states in every six months. Our goal is to achieve a target sale of Rs 150 crore, within next three years by particularly targeting youths.”

Gaurav also says, “In pursuance of our goal, we as a forward looking company would like to welcome you to our extensive trade network and start a new legacy of mutual success. A bond that stays strong as the brand keeps progressing from generation to generation carrying forward the legacy.”