Snow In The Desert State: A Magical World In Real

Snow In The Desert State: A Magical World In Real

The first of its kind in Jaipur, the ‘Snow Planet’ was launched recently  taking the world of entertainment in the city to a new dimension. Located on the top floor of GT Central in Malviya Nagar, the amusement park is spread over 30,000 sq ft. It has 200 tonnes of artificial snow on the layered flooring. The park can accommodate 2,400 visitors daily. It remains open from 11 am to 10 pm.

 While launching the project, one of the promoters, Mr. Rajendra  Bardia said: “With the launch of Snow Planet, the entertainment scene will undergo a major change for the better. Apart from dedicating the top floor of the GT Central for the amusement park, another two floors have been dedicated in the complex for entertainment including a food court.”

Mahaveer Pratap Sharma, one of the promoters of the facility, said, “We have started this unique venture,  the first of its kind in North India after extensive research, even going to countries like Thailand and Spain.”

For the desert state known for harsh summers, the snow world is dream like project. “For the people of Jaipur, who are used to summers and hot air storms, this park will prove to be a boon and will expose the visitors to the snowfall for ten minutes in one session,” said Laxman Sadhani, another promoter of the project.

To make the snow world a popular fun facility, ticket prices are kept at affordable rates. “To make sure more and more people are able to experience this magical delight, the ticket price is also very economical. Starting at just Rs 400 per person, there are special packages for parties and groups,”added Lalit Ramani.

 With the opening of Snow Planet Jaipur, a big milestone in the world of entertainment has been achieved. It’s first of its kind not only in the desert state of Rajasthan but in north India too. It’s a dream come true for all children as there was a big dearth of entertainment parks in the metro city of Jaipur.

This high tech venture was made possible by the dedicated efforts of the entire team of Snow Planet LLP which tirelessly researched and set up this original destination of fun. It’s a proud moment for Jaipur, as Metro city like Delhi has still not come up with a Snow Park as of yet.