Top 10 Profitable Ideas For Business After Lockdown In India

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If you are a business enthusiast and search for new business trends that align with your aesthetics, you have landed on the perfect page.

Covid-19, a pandemic situation, is drifting throughout the globe, which incurred major loss to mankind and the economy. But the youth of the nation, being extremely proficient and qualified, is the only hope left even when we know that this contagious disease is here to stay for long.

Delving into the current scenario, where our aspirations are nowhere to turn, we need to contemplate the brighter side of the situation and explore the opportunities that lockdown has generated. We should focus on absorbing the advantageous work possibilities and find an alternative gateway to maintain our mental balance and economy graph.

Here are some primary factors to consider before deciding which business is best to start in India.

  • Market Need And Requirement

After this lockdown, not everything is desirable, and not everyone is demanding luxury. Instead, providing them with basic utilities will generate new business ideas for 2020. 

  • Innovation And You

Innovative ideas related to sectors like education, health, fashion, agriculture, gifts, and virtual events are more likely to be acceptable by all. These sectors are to be acknowledged and acted upon to create high yielding opportunities.

  • Go Digital

Technology is the boon for growth, and what’s better than going digital during this period. Online work options are the modern-day trend to be leveraged for future business ventures in 2020.

Now, since we know what attributes your startup business idea comprises, let’s explore the

Top 10 profitable business ideas in India

1.Online grooming and tutoring classes

The smartest ones nurtured their skills and worked harder even at the times when the whole country was under restrictions. They were determined to make their future secure, and the most effective way was through e-learning platforms. 

 profitable business ideas in India

Highly professional and skilled teachers are an asset to society, and it is the best time to invest their skills and energies towards this demanding sector. 

2. Trading in health care equipment

Taking proper precautions is the only key to stay safe during this situation of distress. Masks, sanitizers, gloves, face shields, etc. are the medical gears suggested by WHO to keep the world in a safe zone. With the rising demand for these healthcare products, one can initiate a new business idea by contacting small business owners, local vendors, several entrepreneurs, and self-employed workers. 

top 10 profitable business in india

So, if you are planning to start your new business related to healthcare equipment, then it’s the right time to make an investment.

3. Delivery services at the doorstep

During this time, when each individual is living with the fear of stepping outside their defined zones, it’s the finest opportunity to deliver the basic commodities like grocery, vegetables, medicines, and extra household utilities at their doorsteps.

future business ideas 2020 in india

One can easily start this business by getting in touch with supermarkets and stores. All you need is to take proper precautions.

4. Creative handmade gifts 

With a huge number of creative populations, it is one of India’s best top 10 business ideas. Innovative homemade gifts are always special to receive and make you feel overwhelmed. The receivers cherish gifts made of wood, cloth, leaves, and accessories for a lifetime.

top 10 business in india

They are cost-effective and will give you good sales. So, if you love to make DIY gifts with a pinch of creativity, then this business is definitely your cup of tea.

5. Handcrafts and Artwork/Homemade products

Handmade crafts such as pottery, showpiece, toys are a beautiful piece of work to display. Also, homemade products such as pickles, clothes, food items are a perfect choice to crave for. It is one of the most trending future business ideas 2020 in India.

which business is best to start in india

Its the perfect time to convert your talent into a business and outsell your products in large-scale communities to bear good and delicious fruit.

6. Content writing and digital marketing

No matter how big your small a business is, going digital is the urge of all the brands and businesses, especially after this lockdown period.

top 10 business ideas in india

To spread through thicks and thins of digitalization, brands and big companies are hunting for digital marketers and content writers to make their digital storefront more effective. This work from home business will definitely bring you a sober income.

7. Social media manager

With more than 3.5 billion social media users, the companies’ rising need to get their foot on this platform. Social media managers have a role in managing the social media accounts of big brands and companies.

profitable business ideas in india

If you are a social media enthusiast, then this will surely be your space to expand your working footprint and boost your growth.

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8. Becoming a Youtuber or blogger

Youtube is trending, be it for searching fitness videos, food recipes, gardening tips, tutorial videos, and many more. It is a decent idea to opt for this platform to showcase your talent and earn a good income.

best startup business ideas in india

Also, its the most happening trend amongst youngsters to become a blogger. If writing is your passion, then you can become a blogger. Just try your hands on this top trending business idea to stabilize your economic graph.

9. Freelancing services

Freelancing jobs like graphic designing, content writing, website development, etc. demand for highly professionals and are easily available across many channels.

top 10 profitable business in india

10. Food delivery

The lockdown 2020 was a blast of health and hygiene-related issues. People are in search of nutritious and hygienic food without compromising with the taste.

future business ideas 2020 in india

People who have a passion for cooking have this amazing chance to deliver their delicious food to every corner.

Over to you

This year has been a ride full of innovations, creativity, and grooming our skills. These are the top startup business ideas in India that can help you stay optimistic and earn a decent income during this time of discomfort.