HackersvellA is A Program to Build an Indian Cybersecurity Force : Akash Shrivastava

@ BR Bureau

If you are a regular internet user and use it for important chores then you surely know the value of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a growing profession and has huge scope in it, but you don’t stand a chance in it if you don’t have good skills. This is the reason many institutes can provide degrees, but they are not successful as they cannot instill necessary skills in their students.

One such institute is SpidervellA Technologies. SpidervellA Technologies a Bangalore Based Edtech Company is a leading brand in Cybersecurity to provide solutions in IT Sectors.“SpidervellA Technologies offers the HackersvellA program. It is a program run to build an Indian Cybersecurity Force with an agenda to protect the digital properties of the organization. This program is mainly for the candidates who want to make their career in the IT industry as cybersecurity experts” says Akash Shrivastava, MD of SpidervellA Technologies.

SpidervellA follows a unique selection process, in which candidates have to pass an entrance examination and interview process.

HackersvellA Cybersecurity Training comprises mainly five phases as Basic; Advance; Master; Expert; Projects. Candidates are taught and trained to master the techniques that hackers use to penetrate network systems and leverage them ethically to protect the infrastructure and data.

HackersvellA is a journey filled with training and guidance to turn a Noob into a PRO in the technological domain.It has been successfully building futuristic Techno Minds, developers, and researchers. SpidervellA is a very renowned and trusted Ed-tech company. It has even bagged the title of the Best Ed-Tech start-up enterprise in India. It is an excellent platform for polishing skills, learning new skills, and becoming extremely fluent in your work.

By providing IT Training, Corporate Training, IoT Solutions, Web Development, and Cybersecurity Solutions they prepare their customers to compete at national and international levels. Information and communication technologies (ICT) is their prime focus.

The founders of SpidervellA are themselves experts in the technology domain. Mr. Akash Shrivastava the Managing Director of SpidervellA Technologies is a successful ethical hacker.

Mr. Akash started his own Ed-tech company to provide modern solutions to modern problems. The Chief strategy developer of SpidervellA, Mr. Sushil Kumar is also an expert in this with years of experience in Cybersecurity, IoT, and Data Science Technologies. The female expert of their team, Ms. Nirmala Shetty works with full efforts to provide equal space and opportunities for women at the workplace. She is also a successful entrepreneur.