Fight, When You Think You Can No Longer Fight

‘Fight, When You Think You Can No Longer Fight’

High ambition, cut-throat competition and the relentless pressure to deliver are among some of the key factors that contribute to stress in our lives. Stress manifests itself in different forms in different people. There is no single silver bullet to kill it. Different people deal with it differently. But some are clueless about it and just live with it until they land up in hospitals with health and mental disorders. Additionally, stress also stalls growth resulting from de-motivation and disorientation.

In a small step towards overcoming this, Business Ranker’s Erudite Wings (BREW), an arm of Business Rankers magazine, conducted a series of events for the employees of Big Bazaar. The interactive sessions were addressed by experts hailing from fields.      

At Big Bazaar, Trinity Mall, addressing the gathering of its employees, Yatindar Singh Negi, general manager of  Hotel Park Inn Jaipur, said stress management is all about taking charge: Of lifestyle, thoughts, and emotions.

“We all respond to stress differently. There’s no one-size fits-all solution to managing stress. No matter how powerless one may feel in the face of stress, one can still have control over his or her lifestyle, thoughts, emotions, and the way one deals with such problems. Stress management looks at the problem from a different angle. Accordingly, reaction also changes. But taking control oneself is the key. It may involve taking a pause and looking at the reasons of stress from a long-term perspective.”

In the session on “Stress management and customer dealing” Mrs. Nirmala Rawat, chairperson of BREW-women, also threw light on how to deal customers in a way that avoids any unpleasant exchanges as it sometimes leads to irritation, anger and consequently to stress.

Mrs Deepa Mathur, convener of BREW-women, spoke on the need to make the employees aware of the situations that can breed tension and stress. The event at Big Bazaar, Trinity Mall was also addressed by advocate Mrs. Ritu Somani and other members of BREW team.

Similarly, at another event on “Determination determines your destination,” conducted at Big Bazaar, Tonk road, Vivek Sharma, a corporate trainer, suggested three techniques to lead a stress-free life.

“One needs to be a spectator of his own life because until and unless the person is aware of his problems, the chances to achieve the desired goal would be difficult. Secondly, a person should be a player of his or her own life. Again the same thing, they can only learn from their own mistakes. But the important thing is that one needs to have the ability to accept his own faults. And the third thing is to have courage and a strong determination to correct one’s own mistakes and make a vow not to repeat the same mistake time and again.” Sharma said determination is a positive emotional feeling that involves nurturing a difficult goal in spite of grave obstacles. “One cannot become a world-class musician unless one takes up the instrument and plays on it daily for hours together,” added Sharma. By giving several examples and experiments Sharma said, “One should never give up. Instead, one must keep on trying until the goal is achieved.”

The Message

Life is a challenge and one must accept. It’s a journey one must travel it. Hard situations are the best times to sow the seeds of success. One should always raise the bar and try to push the envelope and it doesn’t matter how many times one fails. Fight when you think that you can fight no longer, when you think that you have already done you best. This is the secret to success. One must work hard in  life without any expectation and having patience is at the heart of defeating a difficult situation. The only thing required is to have passion and determination towards work and life.