11 Ways to Earn Money Online Without Investment in 2020

make money online

Most of us are pondering upon the thought of starting a new online business, but with less or no investment. Now, this might cloud up a thought in your mind that is it possible to make money without investment. 

Believe me; it’s not rocket science, nor even some money-making hack. Instead, you just need to have a good knowledge and active participation in whatsoever you do.

Getting influenced by the ease of doing work from home, the young generation often gets trapped by fake agencies quoting you a good salary. It’s important to keep the record of the company or client you are working for.

Still, we have listed some of the assured ways to earn money online without investment.

So, let’s get started!

11 Different Ideas To Earn Money Online Without Investment

1. Content writing 

Suppose you have got the high-quality and excellent vocabulary and a robust grammatical hold on your writing skills. In that case, you can start making money by writing for companies who can provide you with a sober income.

earn money online without investment

All you require is to explore the varied aspects of content writing.

2. Start your consultancy firm online

You might think about how to earn money online by becoming a consultant. If you have good expertise knowledge, you can earn money by selling it to people who need it.

how to earn money online without investment

A person having skilful mind can work as a consultant for many agencies and companies to help them grow their business on a large scale.

3. Earn money by becoming a Youtuber

People are earning quite a good income from Youtube. To make money from Youtube, you should have a good knowledge of the tools that are used to post and upload a video on the platform.

Earn money by becoming a Youtuber

You can create helpful videos for students, young entrepreneurs, and homemakers, etc.

4. Opt for affiliate marketing

The most trending way of earning money nowadays. This way, you can promote the products of the retailers and can earn an affiliated commission when any of the listed products get sold.

how to earn money without investment

To get started, you can promote the links on WhatsApp groups or Facebook groups to reach the maximum audience.

5. Make money by becoming a blogger

It is a slow but consistent source of earning money online. Being a blogger, you need to write for yourself by promoting diverse brands and cultures in your own way.

earn online money without investment

Your blog can give your online business a start, but it might take time to build your audience.

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6. Compose a digital book

If you are keen to share your thoughts to the world, then you can start writing your own e-book and take help of online tools, Amazon kindle publishing to publish it and sell it across the network.

how to make money without investment

These websites charge you a commission on every sale but also helps you expand your customer reach.

7. Become a freelancer to earn money online

Well, the best way to make money is by becoming a freelancer. It provides you with ample of opportunities in the fields of digital marketing, content writing, programming, designing, etc.

You need to have good communication skills, enriched with good marketing skills to get more clients.

8. Make money from Instagram and Facebook

A good number of followers is the basic requirement to earn money online using social media platforms. It is an asset for those who use these platforms to showcase their entertaining side.

earn dollars online without investment

You can earn an appreciable amount by posting one single post on Facebook or Instagram.

9. Immerse into the stock market and trading sector

If you have an interest in the stock investing and have a good knowledge of the stock market, then you can surely earn money by investing in the stocks.

To avoid loss of money, you should preferably start with less amount.

10. Earn money by selling your crafts on Etsy

If you have special skills for handcrafted goods, then you can surely make a sober-living by selling them on online platforms like Etsy.

Getting on Etsy is not a tough job, and the best part is that you do not need a website to upload your catalogue on it.

11. Earn online by becoming a virtual assistant

The virtual assistant is just like a personal assistant whom you cannot meet in-person. If you are good at organizational and planning skills, then it will definitely work for you.

Being a virtual assistant provides you with the responsibility of multiple tasks, but surely it is a great idea to earn money online.


It is possibly the best decision to make money from home without even investing. We have discussed some of the ways to earn a good living, and it’s up to you to choose the best way for yourself, to begin with.